Thursday, January 13, 2011

What goes up...

...must come down, right? I'm feeling very blah today. It was one of those days, nothing HUGE went wrong, but lots of niggling annoyances. Old Cat peed on my winter boots. *sigh* So we can't keep any shoes or boots on the floor of the mudroom anymore. Where are we going to put them? Who knows. I got my usual stuff done, but while I was getting the kids' clothes, I saw an ant scurry across my son's dresser. AN ANT. IN JANUARY. I was so taken aback I actually glanced out the window to see if I'd possibly slipped into a fugue state and it was really summer. I hadn't, there's still 2 feet of snow out there. My guess is there's a nest somewhere in the house which is so revolting to contemplate that I just can't. Then I got the boys off to school (I just realized that yet again I forgot to give DS1 milk money. I wonder how much I owe them at this point.)

DD and I got ready to go...and the van is dead. This happens sort of often, because somehow the lights get turned on and when you turn the car off, not all of them turn off (WHO THE HELL THOUGHT UP THAT DESIGN FEATURE, BY THE WAY?), and the back windows are tinted so you can't tell and it drains the battery, but that was not the case so...yeah, it's not going. I got us into the small car, which is fine, but it's just sort of a pain, mainly because when we bought it, we cheaped out and got the lowest possible model and it doesn't have power locks, so when you're unlocking it you have to use the key to open the door then reach inside to the rear door to unlock. Could I possibly write anymore run-on sentences in this post?

ANYWAY, so we went to Joann and then to music class which was fun, except for the fact that I had a total undergarment malfunction (thank goodness I was wearing pants or my drawers would have ended up around my ankles), then to Michael's for a basket for the basket raffle at the elementary school (which is stressing me out). DS2 has a half-day today, but he was going home to a friend's house (same bus route). I realized that I had to go see what stuff we have for the basket raffle, because I'm the room mom and am coordinating this thing. So I went and picked up DS2, swung by a friend's house who had offered to donate some pancake molds for the basket, then to the school. DS1 had gotten on the bus by mistake, so I got him off the bus, and checked the bin...where there's not a ton of stuff. So I got all three kids into the little car, which can't take two boosters and a car seat in the back seat but I somehow forced it to work. We went to see if we could find skates for me (where of course they didn't have what I wanted in my size), and then to Target. The kids were acting up so I had to follow up on my threat of "if you don't stop it, we're not going out to dinner".

DH was going to be late anyway, but missed the 5:30 train, so I have no idea when he's going to be home, so I fixed mac'n'cheese for the kids, but I was so not into that, so I fixed an entire separate meal for me. During this, I was a total crankosaurus to my kids and made them all cry at the same time, which is like the bad mommy hat trick.

This is a very long-winded and whiny way of saying, I didn't really get anything interesting done and I took no pictures today.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh! The bad mommy hat trick! I'm so sorry (and I'm laughing in sympathy). To repeat something you wrote a while back in a different context, it DOES get better!