Saturday, January 08, 2011

Heart Shaped Nose

This is my big boy, Pepper. He's a love.

I actually have knitting content to talk about (!!) but (1) it's really late and (2) I have to go to bed. My husband and I went out to dinner (babysitter and everything! All grownup! Wine!) with our supper club (4 other couples), and it was *so* fun. I love being a parent, I do, more than just about anything in my life, but WOW it's fun to get out and be grownups. We almost never do this, and we really almost never do this with other people. So it was fun.

(I just wanted to comment that I know I'm posting every day, and a photo every day, and I am putting...not zero pressure, but very little pressure on myself to do this every day, but I am in a groove and feeling like things are moving and whatnot so I wanted to keep doing it.)

I feel almost guilty for having had such a great evening in light of the horrific tragedy out of Arizona. But, the thing is, if anything can pull us out of this downward spiral, it's love, and the light, right? My heart and prayers go out to Gabrielle Giffords, the family of Judge Roll and all others who were wounded or murdered in this terrible attack. I am especially moved by the death of a child. I am praying for healing, and wondering how to help work for peace in our nation.

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