Sunday, January 09, 2011

Teeny Tiny Baby Helmet

So, my friend the photographer, sent me a link to baby hat she liked. I found something similar (in looking again, I think it's the same pattern!) on Ravelry, and started it. Then I decided to get creative. I rewrote the pattern using Lion Brand Organic Cotton, which is decidedly not a fingering weight yarn. They call it worsted but I think it's heavier than that...anyway, after many, many false starts, including a couple of massive counting errors and one addition error that made me cry just a little bit, I ended up with...

It turned out very tiny - it fits perfectly on my grapefruit which measured at 12.5" circumference, which, per Bev's handy chart, would be similar to 5-5.5 lb baby. I've worked the numbers for larger sizes, though there's some tweaking needed for the actual knitting. I'm not sure if I think the yarn is too big for such a small hat? It was fun to reword the pattern, anyway, even if it turns out I need to redo 1st grade math.

In terms of the photo, the DOF is a bit shallower than it should be. I'd like to figure out how to get the whole item sharp, but maintain the blur of the background.


Dorothy said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

As you know, you can increase DOF by stopping down the aperture, but then your shutter speed decreases to below hand-held levels. This is where the tripod becomes indispensable - you can take a second-long exposure in natural light and get the DOF to just where you want it (you may also find fine-tuning with manual focus helps to position the focal plane just right as well). Lacking a tripod, any malleable platform (e.g., a folded sweater) that allows you to position the camera right will work, along with the camera's self-timer (since you don't want to shake it by pushing the button).