Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

Hey, did you hear? It might snow in Massachusetts.

We've already had school called for tomorrow, and honestly, I'm looking forward to it. I think we could use a morning of laying around in a our jammies eating crepes, followed by sledding and hot chocolate. Yes, that sounds good to me. It was a very good day in part because I didn't have to put my elderly and adored kitty to sleep. She's hanging in there!

I bought some yarn today. SHOCK. I know, can you believe it? But I did. And, so far, I hate it. It's Caron's Naturally Caron Spa. It's so splitty (hey! I didn't drop an F-bomb there!). I'm concerned because I also read a review that suggested that it pills really easily. I think I'm going to return the skein I haven't opened and switch to cotton...I know I have tons of cotton around somewhere in my closet. It does have a nice sheen, and supposedly the fabric drapes well as well, but I don't know.

I also (shh) bought some fabric. I had to get my DD a new coat (argh) and we ended up with this. In lime green. I think it's really cute, actually, and I hope the color works for her, but it's so not going to work with the hats I've already made. So, hey! I can make more! And, you know what they had at Joann? DONUT FLEECE. How completely awesome is that? What I'm going to do with it, I have no idea. Probably socks. Can you see me running around in a donut fleece hat?

Yeah, actually, I can too.

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