Wednesday, January 31, 2007


What I learned yesterday...that I cannot do projects that require more than minimal brain power when the boys are awake. That multidirectional scarf with the Boho yarn? F-cked it up, and frogged it entirely. I wasn't 100% on-board with the yarn anyway, so perhaps it's just not meant to be, and I'll get different yarn for that scarf, but still, a bummer.

So, that leaves me...DH's socks, and I just started another NICU hat. That can be my brainless project. I think I'll start the poncho tomorrow night (or my school work, yeah, there's that to be doing too). So, what to do with 4 skeins of Boho burgundy yarn? It's not enough for a shrug or shawl....maybe a plain garter-stitch scarf? It's so pretty, the yarn really speaks for itself, you know? It doesn't need a pattern.

I also need to figure out how to fix my hands before doing more knitting with this yarn, it's really prone to snagging on my rough hands. I haven't encountered this before (I've mainly knit with wool, cotton, and non-natural fibers). It's winter, I have two kids, so I wash my hands A LOT and they are dry. I do my MK hand treatments (but every time I do, the boys insist on having hand treatments too), but that doesn't seem to be doing enough. More hand lotion? I dunno.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Another FO for donation

But this is for my son's nursery school's silent auction.

The yarn is Tahki Cotton Classics Colors in colorways 106. I love these colors, they remind me of Frootloops or Fruit Stripe gum. They're really fun! The hat was knit on size 6 Knitpicks Options, using the Magic Loop technique. I didn't use a pattern, it's just a simple roll-brimmed hat. The socks are a few different patterns put together - a short-row toe and heels, on size 3 Addi Turbos, also Magic Loop'd. Both should be newborn size. I think they are really cute, let's see if they sell! :)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Maybe I should rename this blog...

To insomniac knitter.

I have this sleep thing where if I get woken up after less than an hour or so of sleep, I usually cannot get back to sleep for hours. This happened last night (I did not handle it gracefully, I will admit), and once I got DS1 back to bed, I lay awake. Finally I accepted that sleep wasn't going to happen any time soon, so I got up. I ended up typing up the baby sock pattern I was going to use, and then casting on. I did the toe (I substituted a short-row toe for the Figure 8 cast-on she used), and about half the foot. These things are so cute! These are socks to match the hat I made for our nursery school's silent auction. I've got the ribbing left to do, then one more sock, and then I'm done with my time-sensitive projects. I find I enjoy them less than just knitting stuff because I want to. The NICU hats are totally on my own time/initiative.

Anyway, I'll post pictures when I finish these itty bitty socks!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Laughing at myself.

I showed the sweater to DH, and he said "I love the buttons, they really make the sweater." I realized that I agreed...little pearly white buttons? Grandma made it.* Cute little duck buttons? $50 in a boutique! :) Well, maybe not $50, since the yarn's not that nice, but still...I am glad I made the effort to go get them. I scrapped the matching hat, I did a garter stitch edge and it was flaring and I just didn't like it. What does it say about me that I feel guilty for quitting a project that (a) the intended recipients don't even know about and (b) no one even asked me to do - it's a GIFT.

A friend and I also came up with a love-meter for knitting, when a friend has a baby. I love you: Fruit Hat / Sweater / Blanket.

Ah, it doesn't take much to amuse me.

* Please note, no offense intended to anyone's Grandma who knit them a baby sweater!

Some FOs!

I actually have gotten some stuff done (almost).

This is Baby J's sweater. The gauge was off, so it's kind of...small. I really hope it fits him. I just can't seem to knit right for this kid! This is my third attempt - two hats frogged. I'm doing a hat too, but if I don't get it done tonight, the sweater is getting sent tomorrow without it. It needs to get to him. I'm not loving how the colors clumped up on the body, but I love the stripes on the arms. Ah, the fun of variegated yarns! You never know what you're going to get!

Here's the button on the sweater. How cute is that? Well, IMO, very cute! I got the
buttons at Windsor Button. The yarn is Bernat Softee in Dreamy Blue. I thought it would be...softer, somehow, but it's fine. Not great yarn, but totally machine washable and dryable, and these aren't folks who are going to notice really nice yarn. I've got a whole 'nother ball of this, so perhaps I'll do some NICU hats with it. The patterns is one that I found on-line a while ago, but seems to be gone from - do they not have tons of patterns anymore? It's the top-down, all one piece baby cardigan with the button band integrated into the body of the sweater, so you don't have to pick up any stitches. This was knit on size 4 bamboos.

Yesterday/last night I finally finished the Garterlac Dishcloth (by way of Knit Worth), which looks complicated, but once I figured it out, was so easy I didn't even need to keep track of my rows! Mine isn't quite as pretty as the's sort of a funny shape. But hey! That's okay, I'm just going to be washing dishes (or myself) with it, so it doesn't have to be perfect! I don't know if I was knitting too loosely or if I cast-on too tightly. I did a regular knitted cast-on, maybe something looser/stretchier would be better? I don't know. I am so doing more of these, I have so much Sugar'n'Cream yarn!

And I finished a pair of socks!!! They were done using 40" Addi Turbos, size 2, with Cascade Fixation. They definitely aren't perfect (err, that seems to be my theme for FOs right now, ah well). I didn't think about the fact that the yarn is 1.7% elastic, so they're REALLY stretchy, and I made them exact length, so really, they're too long. I also didn't do the best job on the double-wrapped, short row heels, so I've got some little holes, but that's okay. AND, I did a regular bind-off on one of them (hey, I was on a plane with no internet access, so I couldn't look up a stretchier bind-off, and how DID people do this stuff before the internet??), but I did EZ's sewn cast-off for the second, and that's way nicer. I don't mind the fiddly-ness of it.

And on to the future...

I did get really bored of stockinette with these, so my next pair, I'm going to do something with a pattern. I've got some Artyarns sock yarn, and I'm thinking of doing Knitty's RPM. I've also got some Plymouth Sockotta (in 6674) that I need a pattern for. Any ideas? Once I get done with Baby J's hat, I'm going to do a quick hat and booties for my son's nursery school silent auction. I need to finish DH's socks too, and THEN I get to figure out my next ME project...probably my Artyarns poncho, I really want to get that made so I can wear it, since it got cold here, and we're keeping the house really cold to save money. :) I think I need some sort of big bulky yarn shawl too.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Uh oh.

I learned something....well, wonderful yet not great for my wallet today. I had to get buttons for the baby cardigan (I measured it against some random baby at Starbucks and there's no way it's a 6-month, closer to a 2-4 month so I gotta get it to this kid PRONTO), so I took DS2 downtown to Windsor Button. Now, the last time I was there was before I got married - I got the tulle for my veil there. So, 1999/early 2000? It was buttons, craft stuff, fake flowers, ribbons, bridal things. Not yarn. Sometime in the last 6-7 years, they've become close to a yarn store! They've got a pretty great selection of some really nice yarns! I bought a couple of balls of Tahki Cotton Classics Colors because I need to make something for our preschool silent auction, and I figure a hat and booties oughta work. The thing is, they were so nice (unlike the Woolcott folks, where it's always a risk that you're going to get massive attitude), and it's T-accessible (which means I could get the boys to go with the bribery of a train ride). I so did not need to know this! I have too much knitting to do!

Oh, I got little ducky buttons, very cute.

I've got to block the sweater (which, by the way, I don't really know how to do) and do the buttons, plus finish the little hat. I've got my Cascade Fixation short-row toe/heel socks almost done. I'm not thrilled with them, actually. I didn't think about the fact that elastic yarn is stretchy, and made them true-to-length for my feet, so I think they're going to be too big. And the one I've cast off, it's too tight (I did a regular cast-off). So, for the other, I'm going to learn EZ's sewn cast-off, because, hey, I need to learn it. And I made these socks too short in length. They're fine, they'll fit, but I think I'd like them taller. Ah well, live and learn, eh? I got all this knitting done on my recent trip to San Francisco (which rocked for many reasons). I'll post pictures after I finish this stuff.

I'm trying to do a Garterlac Dishcloth too, but I keep screwing it up and having to restart it. Oh well. By now I'm so bound and determined that I'm going to learn this thing!! I'm excited to be getting things done because I've got so many fun projects I'm planning. Currently I've got yarn for:
  • A multidirectional hat (Artyarns)
  • A multidirectional poncho (Artyarns)
  • A multidirectional scarf (Berocco)
  • The Magic Waves shawl (Berocco)
  • Socks (Artyarns, Lorna's Lace)
  • Many many baby hats and dishcloths.

And now I've started thinking about shawls. We'll see what I do with the Magic Waves one, though that doesn't strike me as a cozy shawl, more of a dressy one.

Okay, I'm going to go block that sweater!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I cannot start anything else.

Until I finish something!
I'm making some progress.
  • I turned the second heel of the Cascade Fixation socks. I'm a bit concerned that with the elastic, they're going to be too big, but hey, my SIL has bigger feet than I, so if they are, she can have them!
  • I did another triangle on the MD scarf. I am not 100% confident about the Boho being the right yarn for it, but DH thinks it's nice, so I'll keep going. It's about an hour a triangle, and I need to be able to concentrate to do them, so it's an "after the boys go to bed" project.
  • The body of the cardigan is done. I made a mistake with the sleeve I started, I space and started it at the shoulder instead of the underarm and I just know it's gonna bug me. I need to rip out the three rows or so that I've done, and redo it. I would LOVE to get this done in the next couple of days, as all that's left are the sleeves. I'm totally not confident about the sizing on this since I didn't swatch (I know! Bad!), and I'm scared it's going to be too small. I have already frogged two hats for this baby, so I am just going to send this off. Per my measurements, it should work, but I haven't had a newborn in, well, 20 months, so I can't remember how small they are!
  • DH's socks are still languishing on the needles. Maybe I'll take them on the plane with me when I head off to CA on Thursday for 5 days by myself!! If I get something done, I am so bringing the other Boho to start the Magic Waves wrap! I got the yarn to do the size small, and I am (of course) freaking out that it's going to be too small.

Size is my issue today, apparently.

Monday, January 08, 2007

What I'm doing instead of knitting tonight.

Documenting all my stuff, of course!

Two pairs of socks in process; A sweater I made for Gus (two years ago, yet to be seamed); Yarn for a Walter sweater; my dishcloth yarn stash; A baby sweater for a friend; my NICU baby hats stash; Artyarns Supermerino (poncho and hat); Boho and Boho colors for Magic Waves shawl/scarf; Sock yarn (not including the Artyarns that they sent the wrong color); Chunky sweater for Gus, now for Walter (side needs reseaming, I HATE SEAMING); Boho Multidirectional Scarf. This doesn't include a bunch of random odds and ends (some of which are enough to do more projects with)...this is just the stash that I am intending to knit.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weekend Update in Knitting

I got some knitting accomplished this weekend, yay!

I frogged the Bamboo dishcloth, it just wasn't working for me (as evidenced by the fact that it had been sitting on my needles for weeks, and really, how long does it take to knit a dishcloth). Instead, I whipped out a simple basket weave cloth to give to our amazing babysitter for Christmas. Then, while I was waiting for my DH for our date night (spent browsing electronics at the mall, woo hoo), I finished the rest of the foot of sock #2. I just need to turn the heel on that one, and then I can finish them both up at the same time. Yay! I'd love to get them done this week, I don't know if that's realistic. Well, actually, I know that it's NOT realistic, but a woman can dream.

Tonight, I started working with the Berroco Boho, the stuff that's not going to work for the other pattern. I decided to try a multi-directional scarf. I got the pattern when I signed up for the Artyarns multi-directional yahoo group (post an intro, get a pattern, how cool is that?), so I started that. I got the first 1/2 triangle and one complete triangle done. This yarn is amazing! It's so soft and drapy! The scarf is in garter stitch, and I'm wondering if it would look better in stockinette. I can't decide. I'm going to do a couple more triangles and see what I think. The wrong side stitch when the yarn changes kind of bugs me, I may just need to get over that. It's a cool pattern, but one that can only be worked when I can really concentrate on it, since it's all short rows (i.e., lots of counting). Did I mention that this yarn is amazing? I can't decide if I'll fringe it or not.

Okay, I must go to bed, I'm tired!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Oh sugar!

In an effort to curtail Gus's swearing, I'm attempting to quit myself, hence the euphemisms.

My yarnmarket order arrived, and it's totally correct, but the yarns that I got to coordiante with each other...don't. At all. I got Berroco Boho Colors in Sangria and Boho in Raspberries and Strawberries. On my screen the Raspberries, Strawberries is very purple, in real life it's much more of a burgundy wine color. The Sangria is definitely purple and pink. Both are gorgeous yarns, they're just not going to work together.

I just called Webs and they've obviously written down wrong the colors they used. They said they used Boho 9268, but that's the green, so I'm wondering if they used the lighter red? I just called, and she wasn't sure. I went ahead and added the Torero to my order, and let's hope it works!

Now, what to do with 392 yards of a gorgeous, heavy wine yarn?? I'm not sending it back!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I need to get out more, I think.

I am way, way too excited by the fact that my Yarnmarket order is due to arrive tomorrow. WAY. I am also too excited for my Webs order as well. Yeah. I really do need to get out more or get a hobby or someth...oh wait. That's what got me into this state. :)

I'm going to go finish foot of sock #2 and get the heel turned tonight, so I can get them both on needles and finish them!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sometimes I amaze myself.

Or is that, amuse myself? Not with my knitting, but with my powers of rationalization! So I spent the rest of my birthday money today. Yes, on yarn, why do you ask?

I wanted to get the yarn to make the Artyarns lace poncho that I've been thinking about, which was 10 skeins, or $90. Well, since at Webs, if you spend $120 on discountable yarn, you get 25%, that's like spending $90, so I figured that since I was willing to spend $90, I should just go ahead and spend the $120. Or something. Yeah. So I got a bunch of Supermerino to make the poncho, and to make a hat. And I got some more sock yarn. I know, I know, I have yet to finish ANY of the sock yarn I already have!! But it's so pretty!!! And they gave me the shawl/scarf pattern that I've been obsessing over and already bought the yarn for. It's a sickness, it is. I need to FINISH something!

So, yeah, tons of yarn coming at me. I'm hoping it gets here before I head off to California, since I'm going ALONE and will have lots of time to knit. Can I bring knitting needles on an airplane these days?

Monday, January 01, 2007

Stash increase

I just ordered several Artyarn patterns (the zigzag scarf, the flat top hat, and a poncho pattern), plus Addis in size 0 (just to have), and the Berroco Boho. I am really nervous about the yarn purchase: I got the Sangria (colors) and the Raspberry Strawberry, in hopes that they'll coordinate to do that scarf/shawl pattern that I'm obsessing over. I just have to call Webs to get it. I am ordering my Artyarn from them too. I would have ordered it all from them, but they didn't have the Boho, and Yarnmarket's prices were better, with free shipping. I'm going to do the poncho for me, the scarf for me, fun! I don't do most of my knitting for myself, and I'm excited to do it!

I have a couple of pairs of socks in flight, a dish cloth going (the Bamboo stitch, which I'm finding a bit annoying, all the passing stitches over, I find it tedious). I've got a baby hat going for a friend that I'm going to frog because it's an elf hat, and, well, the holiday is over! I decided I need to finish what I'm doing before starting yet another project, though that's not going to stop me from ordering the yarn! Then my stash is going to be huge and I need to not buy any more yarn for a loooong time.

I just sold a couple of diaper bags, and there's nothing there that I'm longing to try, so I'll have some paypal to play with....but NO. Must. Resist. Gorgeous. Yarns.

So, tonight I'm going to try and get the foot and heel of the sock #2 for me done, then they'll both go on the needles and I'll do the legs together. This are a basic toe-up, short-row toe and heel, stockinette stitch. So far, I'm digging them! I'm doing them in Cascade Fixation, in a teal/purple/lavender colorway that's quite pretty! I'll post pictures when I'm done!