Sunday, January 02, 2011

Day 2

Today I'm grateful for a walk in the woods with my family and my amazing new camera that's (I hope) going to allow me to take more of the kinds of pictures I love to take.

When I was in high school, I got a camera and I shot with it extensively for the next 5 years or so. Then I graduated from college, lost access to a darkroom, got really poor and then immersed in other things (you know, getting a Ph.D., falling in love, having babies). I've been shooting digital P&Ss for about 12 years now, and while I love them, I have over the last few years gotten more and more frustrated with their limitations. I love taking pictures, not just for documenting my life and growing family (though that's hugely important to me), but also for trying to convey some of my wonder in the world around me. I'm a big picture (landscape) or micro-focus (macro) photographer and thinker.

So, this year, I put all of my Christmas and birthday gifts towards a new camera, and so far, I'm loving it. In the spirit of focusing on things that bring me joy and fulfillment, today we went out and I took lots of pictures. I already know I need different lenses, and I've got enough in my fund right now to fund another one. I think I'm going to get a lens for the sorts of portraits I want to take, and focus on that for now. Then, when I've saved up some more money, and things are growing outside, I'll get a lens geared for the nature stuff I like. Last will probably be a landscape lens as I just don't have a lot of opportunity to do that sort of picture taking right now.

I'm not foolish enough to think I could do a 365 photo blog, but I hope to be posting more photographs here of the various things around me...including, perhaps, my knitting!

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