Monday, January 17, 2011

An Actual FO!!

Yes, another Noro scarf. This one's been on needles for a long time. So long, I really can't remember, but at least a year? Probably longer. This one was going to be for me. The first was for a friend, the second went to my mom, I do wear the other Noro scarf I knit (though I haven't yet this winter...I wonder where it is). This was knit in Noro Silk Garden, colorways 87 and 270, on size 8 needles. I really do love this scarf, but I've yet to create one that I love for me. I have a feeling this will become a gift for someone else...and I'm sure I'll keep knitting one for me. I started one in Chroma, in Roller Skate and Midwinter but the colors weren't entirely right together. So I'm turning the Midwinter into a simple hat. I really want the Chroma to work for this, so I'm going to keep thinking of how to make it work. I may just stripe a gradient with a solid. One person on Rav striped it with itself, which could also work. I don't know. Anyway, it was so exciting to cast off and finish something! It could probably use a good block, but I don't think I have the energy to do it.

In other news, my daughter's new coat arrived today. One of the hats I made (the owl hat) works well with it. Yay! The green of the blue flower hat is entirely wrong. The hat does work with a coat a friend loaned us, so maybe I'll just pass it along to her. It's not like DD doesn't have enough hats.

So, I spent a good portion of last night in my daughter's bed, which is a toddler bed and thus monumentally uncomfortable for me. I was totally kinked up but I did a new-to-me yoga DVD which really helped. I normally do power yoga, which moves faster, but this was amazing. There was no school today, and we had a good day. We spent the morning being lazy, and the afternoon sledding. We've built a good run in our yard! It's nice not to have to go anywhere to get some sledding in.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! And I'm totally at a loss for how one knits together multiple colors like that. It's probably simple for knitters (just like segmented patterns for wood turners) but for those of us not privy to the arcane secrets, it's wondrous. Keep on crafting!