Friday, January 28, 2011


I managed to capture a great shot of my son last night, and as I was moving quickly into the kitchen to show it to my husband, my feet shot out from under me and my foot made a funny sound and I went down *hard*. It was still really painful today, so I had an xray - thankfully it's not broken, just sprained, and I can hobble around, but it's a bit annoying. Today is just one of those days - I had three kids with me this morning (my daughter and two friends), so I took all three with me to the doctor's office. Thankfully they do xrays on-site! Then I had"meet the bus, go to gymnastics, meet the bus, get oldest son to his piano lesson." Now I'm waiting for oldest to get home, and then we head to the elementary school for Winterfest! Which I have to work. With my three kids. And no co-parent. I am really, really looking forward to a hot bath and a glass of wine. So, needless to say, nothing on the creative front. I'm going to try and do a little knitting now, while I have a moment.

I do have to post a picture from my son's gymnastics show.

He takes gymnastics at The Little Gym which is all about teaching kids in a noncompetitive environment. The staff at our local one is great - so enthusiastic and engaged with the kids. My younger son is very coordinated and strong and I was *really* impressed with how far he's come this year! He has a great time and I think having something that he does, that he's good at, that his big brother doesn't do, is really great for him!

I will also just mention how much I love my camera. I love that it's fast enough to actually get these kinds of shots!

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