Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A snow day...

So, you might have heard, New England got some snow. You know, it's so funny to me that every big storm becomes SNOWPOCALYPSE OF THE CENTURY!! Seriously, news guys, it's MASSACHUSETTS. In JANUARY. It snows. (This is not a true representation of how much we've already talking, and they're now talking about 30" total, I guess.)

I used, for the first time, our newest aquisition, a 24" Craftsman self-propelled snowblower. I will not shovel again. It was so easy! We have a very long and fairly steep driveway, and it seems like snowblowing it is actually easier than plowing it!

Anyway, no school today. We spent a bunch of time out in the yard this morning, sledding and playing. After lunch, DD (under total protest) took a nap. She's really giving them up, but she had a rough night. At about 1 am, she came roaring down the stairs, a small pink bundle of outrage - the sort of outrage that only a 2 year old can express. It's unclear what was wrong, she was thirsty, Daddy was not up there with her, she was coughing. Sadly, she ended up in my bed with me, meaning no one really slept well. So yes, she's napping.

Having older kids who can actually be, well, not unsupervised, but much less closely supervised means that when the baby girl is sleeping, I can do other stuff. After cleaning up from our perfect winter lunch of grilled cheese, tomato soup, apples (the last of the Honeycrisp, *sniff*) and hot chocolate, I pulled out the fabric.

I had an idea for a variation on the fleece envelope hats, one with fringe on top. For some reason, instead of doing them my usual way, I wanted a true double layer hat. I measured DD's head and started working. My first version, I forgot that I wanted to turn up the brim so it was too short. My second version, I ended up with a raw seam showing when you turned the brim up, D'OH. (There were many D'OH moments in this process, including things like oh yeah, gotta thread the sewing machine before I sew the seam.) Then I was out of the solid pink I was using as the inner layer, so I ended up with a double layer of the heart fabric. It'd be cuter with a solid brim, I think, but it's fine. Here it is!

Next time, I might actually top-stitch the bottom edge to hold it in place, but my top-stitching isn't great, so I didn't this time. Let's hope it fits her! She's still sleeping.

Edited to add: she woke up! So, even though I thought I was adding all sorts of ease and extra room, it fits her PRECISELY, which means it may not last long!

Yeah, I'm not thrilled with it. It needs a slightly larger circumference, it needs a bit more height, and I really want it to have the solid lining. So, I'll redo it. It's good that I sometimes learn from my mistakes, right?

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