Friday, June 13, 2008

I am so weak.

(And not just because I just ate a large number of Trader Joe's Crispy Crunchy mini-Chocolate Chip Cookies. I think they might have crack in them. Think of the appropriate number of cookies that one might eat before 10 am on a beautiful Friday morning, and then add, oh, 25 or so to that number, and you'll have the amount I just ate. And they were delicious, thanks.)

No, I am weak because yesterday I took the boys KIDS (I don't just have boys anymore, I have KIDS) to Michael's to get beads to make DH necklaces for Father's Day (which DS1 got so excited about, he had to give DH his "valentine's present" as soon as he got home last night). Our New Local Michael's (NLM) is HUGE, much bigger than our Old Local Michael's (OLM), and has, among other things, a very large jewelry making section. I somehow ended up with some things for making stitch markers, not that I need more, but whatever. And then we *somehow* managed to make our way into the yarn section. *innocent look* Somehow 4 balls of this managed to leap into my sleeping daughter's car seat (2 lime, 1 charcoal, 1 berry) and come home with us. What's a woman to do, but cast-on this? I'm actually envisioning it as a travel knitting bag, we'll see what happens though.

I gotta say, I really like the Cotton Ease. It's very soft, not splitty, and nice to work with. It reminds me of the GGH Samoa that I did the pea pod hat out of, but not quite as thick (I think, I may not be remembering correctly). I really liked that yarn too. As I've said before, I am not a yarn snob, and have no problem working with non-natural fibers, as long as they *feel* nice, you know? And this is machine washable and dryable. I'll probably be ordering some so I can get the colors I want.

I can't believe I'm knitting. That makes me very happy. I did find that I'm not (yet) able to knit and nurse DD at the same time (though I did manage to get a diaper on DS2 while nursing DD the other day, which was a multitasking high point for me).

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Inspiration is percolating.

So, there's that sweater that I want to knit.

And then I was roaming around on and getting some inspiration.

Then I heard that the Summer Knitty was up. And that led me back to Blue Moon Fiber Arts, where I go periodically to drool, though I've yet to actually order anything from them. I will though. Rest assured.

And I always enjoy my romps through KnitPicks. I'm still trying to find THE right lace shawl pattern. There are just so many considerations and things to learn!

It's not like I really have the time (or brain power) right now to do anything complicated. I *must* finish the socks I've got going before I can start anything new. When those are done, I'll have NO projects on needles (a state that cannot continue) and then I'll pick something new.

Uh oh, crying baby, so much for thinking about knitting! And I really should get some sleep.

Friday, June 06, 2008

I want to knit this sweater!

Link here.
Isn't it pretty?
I've never done a sweater for myself because most of them involve things like actually doing a gauge swatch and seaming and whatnot, things I'm not that into. But I *love* this sweater!! It's going on my list.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Whoops! Sorry about the last post!

Well, I'm not sorry about the post, I just didn't mean to post such a downer and then disappear for a while.

Things are actually going pretty well. DD is not so yellow anymore. We'll see on Thursday how she's doing on the gaining weight thing. I know she's getting lots of food because she's nursing a lot and we had Poop-A-Thon 2008 this afternoon (good times!!). She also has a cold, poor bub. She's quite possibly the most wonderful baby ever, and she has this truly amazing characteristic that neither of the boys had: she lets you PUT HER DOWN. Now I just have to, well, do that. I love holding her, but man, my back is aching.

We've been on our own for about a week now, and it's actually going well. I can manage the kids, but not so much the house/cleaning/cooking part of it. Though, to be honest, that's never actually been my strength. I sort of wish I were really wealthy because then we'd hire someone to come and clean, and that would be really cool. Except that I'd still have to pick up all the crap that's lying around so someone COULD come and clean, wouldn't I?

Oh, did I mention that I'm now truly, 100% a suburban housewife? We now have (a) the house in the 'burbs, (b) the many, many children, (c) the minivan and as of today, (d) the stand-alone freezer in the basement! Can I just say that I lay awake last night thinking of what I'm going to fill it with, and it's not even ice cream! Whoa.

There was a neighborhood association party on Sunday and I saw two of the women from my knitting group there. :) It was really cool to actually have people that I sort of know to run in to, you know? And one of then gave me nine tomato plants, so that was even cooler. AND, my MIL found the green sock (it was tucked in with some sewing stuff), so that's a happy thing. So, at this point, I have the green stripy sock to do, and Falling Leaves #2 to start. I have so much great sock yarn, which I reacquainted myself with when I reorg'd my stash, but I fear that all I am capable off right now is stockinette. At least I'd have some pretty socks at the end, right?

The other day I had DD in her hat that I knit her, tucked into her carseat with her blanket that I knit her around her so all you could see was her (completely adorable) face, and my husband looked at her and said "Someone who knits loves this baby." So true.