Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Today is one of those days where I just spend the day really appreciating how my family life is structured. I got up around 7, and was busy until I got the boys on the bus at 8:27. Then I had some time with DD just to putter. I put together the chicken I was marinating, did yoga, and then DD and I headed out. We dropped off DH's dry cleaning, ran by the grocery store, got gas, and headed up to the mall, where I was able to exchange DD's pants that had fallen apart after one wearing, recovered my Ritz information so I can order some things, had some lunch (crepes, mine wasn't so good but even a bad crepe is pretty tasty), and Costco.

In the interests of eating more healthily, I bought a bunch of pre-packeged snacks for the boys for lunches. I feel awful, in that it's environmentally crappy, but I need to jump start my eating to a more healthy way, and if it's a big bag of something, I munch, but the little single serving bags, I don't. It should be short term. It's also tricky because I don't feed my kids HFCS, artificial color or flavors, or partially hydrogenated yadda yadda yadda. Yeah, I'm one of those. It severely limits what you can buy at most mainstream stores.

Anyway, so we had a good and leisurely day - we got done what needed to get done, but also had some time just to play and be together. DD is in that horrible stage where one nap is too many and keeps her up until 9:30 but no naps means she's a hysterical mess by about 4:15, which makes for a loooooong afternoon.

The chicken was fantastic, I am feeling sort of like I almost have things under control...all in all, a good day. Most days are like this, so it seems good to mark it when it happens, and yes, I'm grateful for it. My goal for tomorrow is not only to do my yoga but to fit in a workout too! We'll see.

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