Monday, January 03, 2011

Back to the routine!

We've taken down the tree and packed up all the Christmas decorations, but I can't quite bring myself to take down the outside lights yet. In part, because it's really cold right now and I don't want to spend that much time outside with no gloves on! This year I put lights on my back deck, because I love looking at them, and I don't get to see them. They made me really happy.

So, in the interests of 2011 being a year of focusing on meaning and joy, I spent time sewing yesterday. I have now made two pairs of PJs, one for each boy. Let's see...for DS2, I started with these, which were way, way too hard for a novice clothing sewer. Plackets? Flies on the pants?? WTH?! I totally punted on a bunch of stuff, and ended up doing velcro instead of buttonholes. They're HUGE, but luckily my son seems to love them. :) Then I made a pair of these for my older son. Plackets are still hard, but these were definitely easier. They're also HUGE on him, clearly I don't know about the sizing yet. But it was fun and they both wore them last night! I'm planning a pair of these for my daughter. I'm also planning a pair of these for me. I love $0.99 pattern sales! I just need a coupon for the fabric. I'd love to make these for my daughter as well, but trim scares me.

So far, I've disconnected from the FB games entirely and I'm feeling better. I had a nice morning, got things done, had some time with my husband, and took a bunch of pictures. I'm renting a 50mm 1.4 lens to see if I want to buy it, and I think I'm convinced. :) Today, I'm feeling generally optimistic and hopeful (which may last until the boys get off the bus, who knows). I had a great conversation with a friend, and I'm feeling generally grateful for the people in my life who *get it*.

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