Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The first step to recovery... admitting you have a problem, right?

My *big* Christmas gift was a serger - a very basic one (the low level Brother). I haven't done a ton with it yet, but so far I love it. Among other things, it's so much faster than a regular machine! Today, I was sorting through my fleece stash...which is really large, and thought, as one does, of course, "I should make some socks." Then I wondered if the heel/foot connection
would be easier to do on the serger, or if it would make an uncomfortable seam. There's a seam there anyway, but doing it on the regular machine is fiddly - you stitch it, then you have to sew the seam down. So I made one and it was SO RIDICULOUSLY EASY and tried it on and thought "Hmm, this seems fine." I don't have any particular sensory issues around seams in my socks. Then this happened...

And then this happened...

(and yes, those are donuts. DONUT SOCKS!)

And then I cut out a new hat for DD...and then THIS happened!!

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wrenb said...

Those are awesome! I *must* get my serger serviced and learn to use it.