Sunday, July 18, 2010

Poor blog!!

How long has it been? You'd think with the fact that I could update from my phone, I'd be better about it, but that's not the case!

Project Dishcloth continues! Turns out I can only crochet in the round, hence all these pretty round cloths. I'm having much fun with it, and starting to use them. If nothing else, it simply makes me happy to use something I've made with my own two hands. :-)

In about 2 hours, I'll be doing the swim leg of our local triathlon. I'm quite excited, as I didn't think it was going to work out this year, but two weeks ago, a friend put out the call for someone to swim for her, so I am! I love swimming and it's a fun event. :-)

We're having a busy summer, mostly good stuff. There's some stressful stuff too, nothing huge, just some issues with one of my kids. It's nothing that can't be sorted, but it's always hard to see your child struggling.

I keep saying I want to get back to project Gratitude, as I actually think about it every day! Today I'm grateful for the chance to have fun and swim this race!!

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