Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wait, WHAT?

It's the middle of December, tomorrow? WHAT?

I am losing my grip, I think, on reality. Not in a bad way, just in a...time is FLYING way! I'm all discombobulated. We put up our tree really early this year - normally we wait until after my birthday but for some reason I was all gung ho and we put it up way early. So now I feel like it should be Christmas tomorrow. I keep going to the stores and thinking IT'S SO CLOSE TO CHRISTMAS WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE and then I'm reminded that it's still a ways a way. Anyway.

So, I turned 41. Not that a big a deal, really. I don't have Issues with aging, so much. I like who I am these days, and I think turning 40 is very liberating. I really have come to embody the whole lack of giving a sh-t about what most people think of me. Unfortunately, this leads me do things like mutter to myself in the grocery store and wear my pajamas to the bus stop. Oh well. My BIG exciting present was a new camera, and I *love* it. I used to love photography and my dream job would be photographing families and babies. I haven't shot an SLR in a really long time, and I've finally come to accept that I can't take the pictures I want without the proper lens and camera. I'm still deciding which lens I want...but I'm psyched!!

My big Christmas present is going to be a serger. I am really excited about this too! I know there's going to be a steep learning curve. One reason I'm psyched is that I'd love to do more blankets for Project Linus and this will make it very easy and quick to do some.

It's funny, my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and having just been through an incredible birthday with such a lavish present, I couldn't think of ANYTHING. I don't need anything, far from it, and honestly, I'm sort of drowning in stuff. I have plenty of yarn, plenty of projects to sew...all I really need is time. I thought of the serger because it's something I've been wanting for a long time. Turns out I could cash in points from our credit card to get gift cards to pay for it, so it didn't even cost me any money! Which is good.

Blah blah...nothing really happening here. I think I need to start a new knitting project. I want to design a hat with a ponytail hole. :)