Saturday, August 03, 2013

So, hey.

Not that I'm sure if I have any readers's been a crazy bunch of months.  I finally went on ADHD meds, we finished Oldest Son's neuropsych and got some very good, useful (painful) information and found a great therapist to work with, and it's changed things for the better SO MUCH.

I'm sewing a dress for myself.  I can already tell it's not going to fit.  Grr.

I want to be knitting and crafting more, but I'm in the midst of a pretty massive transformational process...and I'm blogging it here.

I've also been doing some slightly more professional photography work this summer, exploring this for myself.  I realized that my fantasy of shooting every week is not possible unless I hire a babysitter for the time I need for photo editing, which is not cost effective at what I'm currently charging.  I realized a couple of things - I'm not entirely sure I want to turn my "art" (for lack of a better word, my passion) into something I do for money, on a deadline.  Still pondering this. And, what I really want to do is go spend a  chunk of time with people, take a gazillion photos, put a book together for them on my own timeline, and have them pay me for it.  I don't love the posed photo thing.  So, um, not sure if I can turn that into something but we'll see.