Monday, May 24, 2010


One of the things I really appreciate (which, you will note, is different from enjoy) about knitting is how often it gives me the opportunity to go beyond my comfort zone. I am blocking a shawl for the first time; it's a gift for my sister (just in time for summer, huzzah!).

It's a gorgeous day out so I'm going to pin it out on the back deck. Hopefully it'll dry pretty quickly.

Blocking is one of those skills that seem so mysterious and, well, skillful to me. *Real* knitters block.

Wish me luck!!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

365-89: working to get back into this.

Today didn't go quite as I had planned. The school nurse called me to say that DS1 was not feeling well and wanted to go home. Since I was on my way to the ped for DS2 and DD's WCVs, I swung by and picked him up. Turns out he has strep. Turns out all the rest of us do too.

So, tomorrow is a quarantine day. There'll be WAY more TV than usual (as our usual is none), I bought a new Playmobil thing, we've got lots of new birthday presents to play's supposed to be rainy. I'm trying to reframe it by thinking that this perhaps explains a lot of the whining we've been having, and YAY for antibiotics. DH and I are on penicillin, DD is on azithromax and the boys are on Amox. I had to do the Mommy walk of shame, i.e., calling people and saying "sorry I exposed your kid to strep."Hopefully I'll be forgiven.

My big hope is that this will explain why I've not been sleeping, and once I'm feeling better, that'll clear up.

Monday, May 17, 2010

365-88: Time Flies

I'm really having trouble blogging these days, both about knitting and about gratitude. Why is that, I wonder. I'm not knitting at all at the moment. I need to bind off my sock but I finished it at library knitting. I have blocked Swallowtail yet, I'm scared too. I keep looking at yarn but I've got a stash, more than enough, so there's nothing I need.

It's not that I'm not feeling grateful, I am-though I think reconnecting to it on a daily basis would be good. In part, I'm feeling like I've not got much interesting to say. Life is sort of just rolling along. We're winding down the school year. DH is working too much and I'm not sleeping well, so we're good but tired. Sometimes I feel like my life is a bit small these days, you know?

So in the spirit of reconnecting to my gratitude, today I am grateful for:

• Motrin that works on my migraines;
• The beautiful Spring weather;
• Playdates that go smoothly!

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

365-87: Hello, My Neglected Friend!

So I wonder how many years it's going to take me to get through my 365?? :-)

I have so much to be grateful for. It's spring!! I got a weekend away and then took the kids away, both great trips. I have been knitting! I finished my sister's Swallowtail, just need to block it. I turned to the heel on an in-progress sock and I'm psyched to finish it. We got a swingset which is a huge hit. I'm feeling great about my family, blessed in my friends, and especially happy about the delicious moon pie I had tonight. Maybe I'll even get some sleep tonight??

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