Wednesday, January 31, 2007


What I learned yesterday...that I cannot do projects that require more than minimal brain power when the boys are awake. That multidirectional scarf with the Boho yarn? F-cked it up, and frogged it entirely. I wasn't 100% on-board with the yarn anyway, so perhaps it's just not meant to be, and I'll get different yarn for that scarf, but still, a bummer.

So, that leaves me...DH's socks, and I just started another NICU hat. That can be my brainless project. I think I'll start the poncho tomorrow night (or my school work, yeah, there's that to be doing too). So, what to do with 4 skeins of Boho burgundy yarn? It's not enough for a shrug or shawl....maybe a plain garter-stitch scarf? It's so pretty, the yarn really speaks for itself, you know? It doesn't need a pattern.

I also need to figure out how to fix my hands before doing more knitting with this yarn, it's really prone to snagging on my rough hands. I haven't encountered this before (I've mainly knit with wool, cotton, and non-natural fibers). It's winter, I have two kids, so I wash my hands A LOT and they are dry. I do my MK hand treatments (but every time I do, the boys insist on having hand treatments too), but that doesn't seem to be doing enough. More hand lotion? I dunno.

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