Monday, January 01, 2007

Stash increase

I just ordered several Artyarn patterns (the zigzag scarf, the flat top hat, and a poncho pattern), plus Addis in size 0 (just to have), and the Berroco Boho. I am really nervous about the yarn purchase: I got the Sangria (colors) and the Raspberry Strawberry, in hopes that they'll coordinate to do that scarf/shawl pattern that I'm obsessing over. I just have to call Webs to get it. I am ordering my Artyarn from them too. I would have ordered it all from them, but they didn't have the Boho, and Yarnmarket's prices were better, with free shipping. I'm going to do the poncho for me, the scarf for me, fun! I don't do most of my knitting for myself, and I'm excited to do it!

I have a couple of pairs of socks in flight, a dish cloth going (the Bamboo stitch, which I'm finding a bit annoying, all the passing stitches over, I find it tedious). I've got a baby hat going for a friend that I'm going to frog because it's an elf hat, and, well, the holiday is over! I decided I need to finish what I'm doing before starting yet another project, though that's not going to stop me from ordering the yarn! Then my stash is going to be huge and I need to not buy any more yarn for a loooong time.

I just sold a couple of diaper bags, and there's nothing there that I'm longing to try, so I'll have some paypal to play with....but NO. Must. Resist. Gorgeous. Yarns.

So, tonight I'm going to try and get the foot and heel of the sock #2 for me done, then they'll both go on the needles and I'll do the legs together. This are a basic toe-up, short-row toe and heel, stockinette stitch. So far, I'm digging them! I'm doing them in Cascade Fixation, in a teal/purple/lavender colorway that's quite pretty! I'll post pictures when I'm done!

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Joan said...

Please let me know ho you like the Fixation for those socks ... I'm always on the lookout for non-wool sock yarns that are really great. Thanks! :-D