Friday, February 11, 2011


Today I was reminded that I have amazing and wonderful friends. Some of them even read this blog and commented. :)

In the interests of reminding myself of the good things, here's an AMAZING thing that happened!


Well, technically it's not back yet. Two nights ago, my neighbor called and said "I know it's a long shot but when I was stuck in traffic in town, I noticed a bike stuck in a snow bank at the Congregational Church. It has straight handle bars and a bell, and I know your husband had a bell." Husband checked it out and it's his bike! The whole thing is so weird to me, but whatever, I'm so glad for him! It's supposed to hit close to 40 tomorrow, so we should be able to get it out.

In other news, we had an okay day other than DD spiking a fever of 102. I knit about 10 rounds on a baby hat, so I'm getting into my groove. I probably won't get much done tomorrow, but maybe Sunday I can do some work.


Anonymous said...

Psyched about the bike! That's amazing.

Dorothy said...

That's awesome!