Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

My Valentine's Day has consisted of my usual Monday routine, except during my time off while my girlie was at baby swap, I got a tooth prepped for a crown. And my husband is taking his time off tonight, so I had dinner/bath/bedtime duty solo. S'okay, we got through it.

I got a few rows of DD's non-ear-flap hat knit while at Little Gym for DS#2's gymnastics class. The woman sitting near me was intrigued by the self-patterning yarn. Apparently she used to be a knitter but said she hadn't bought yarn in many years, and didn't really know what was out there. I restrained myself mightily, figuring if I demonstrated the depths of my obsession, she'd think I was, well, crazy. Which I am, a little...or a lot, I guess, depending on how you think about it. I just said something along the lines of "oohh, there are a lot of nice yarns out there."

I was remembering my very first Valentine's Day with DH. We'd been dating for about 3.5 months, but had already decided to get married (yes, we got unofficially engaged 2 months after we met). He took me out to a lovely dinner, bought me flowers, and we saw a sappy movie. Ahh, those were the days! Things sure have changed! I think, though, the only thing I'd change about today (well, other than the very expensive dental work) would be to have had him here with me! Life is so busy and so full of the mundane details of it all, it's easy to lose sight of the other person that you're sharing this life with. When we have those moments to reconnect, such as this weekend, it's so lovely to be reminded that I not only really love my husband, I really *like* him too.

"Because the condition of marriage is worldly and its meaning communal, no one party to it can be solely in charge. What you alone think it ought to be, it is not going to be. Where you alone think you want it to go, it is not going to go. It is going where the two of you-and marriage, time, life, history, and the world-will take it. You do not know the road; you have committed your life to a way." -Wendell Berry

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Cindy said...

Can't stop now and I think I'm going to follow you. My whole family are Wendell Berry fans but I have done the least reading. I love the quote about marriage. It's so apt.