Saturday, February 05, 2011

I am so, so weak.

So, my lovely husband and I are going to this ball with a friend so I went to her house and tried on some of her dresses to see if I could find something to wear. I did, but we want to add a ribbon under the bust, and since I saw a Joann on the way home, I swung in. Anti-pill fleece was 40% off and they had the cutest alien print that I haven't see at my local Joann. And a cute polka fleece that will be perfect for socks. A friend pointed me towards this pattern for double-layer neck gaiters, so I want to make the kids those. Call me paranoid, but handing 5 and 7 year old boys the means to strangle themselves and others in the form of a scarf seems....silly. So yes, I did bring more fleece into my house.

I'm also trying to do the seed-stitch version of the ear flap and figuring out the increases is taking a while. I've got it, but I keep forgetting to do in the increase row. And I think I need to make a smaller size than the pattern calls for since I'm using heavier yarn (it calls for DK and I'm using Cottontots).

So, things are brewing but nothing really got done today. Oh, I did cast on a simple hat for DD in that self-patterning yarn, but I knit 1.5 rows and got tired of it.


Trina said...

Mmm, fleecy goodness.

I don't know if you saw the pictures of the finished gaiters, but they're pretty darn cute! The kids' fit GREAT, but I would make mine about 24" next time (instead of 20" along the stretchy side).

Anonymous said...

I love the hat. If the curling earflaps still bother you, you could finish them by weighting them down the way Scandinavians do with ski hats--fasten two thick braids to the lowest part of the flap, ending in a tassle. They don't tie, just hang down.