Thursday, February 03, 2011

I'm pretty sure this can't continue...

...but today, I knitted a hat. I really think she likes it, don't you?

I know, mean mommy taking a picture when she was melting down (because I was taking the picture). She's been very, very two today. Which is utterly amusing at times, and at times, well, less so.

Anyway, this was the yarn I picked up at the Woolpack the other day because the lime greens pick up the greens from her coat. This yarn is very *enh*, IMO. It's 75% acrylic, and it's obviously curling dramatically in the stockinette stitch - and this is *with* a crochet edging. I've soaked it and I'm pressing it flat with a book to see if that does anything. It's a cute hat, and the patterning was minimal enough that I was able just to go with it and it didn't make me crazy, but if I can't get it to relax and settle down, I doubt I'll let her wear it out of the house. If this attempt at "blocking" doesn't work, I'll run it through the washer. I used a different pattern this time (Ravelry link here). It's pretty similar, and again the ear flaps seem enormous to me. This one, however, has you simply knit the second ear flap and then start casting on with the backwards loop method. Also, the fact that your row begins and ends behind the left ear flap makes my OCD self a skosh crazy. All that being said, it's a perfectly nice and doable pattern, if you're not wired like me. :) I knit this on 7s, and didn't make the body of the hat the full 5.5" (I made the child size) because it was already a bit too long. I think my next version of this will go back to Cottontots and I'll try a seed stitch on the flaps and the band of the hat.

It's funny, I'm in the midst of doing a lot of making things for other people, and it felt a bit selfish to make something for, well, not me, but one of mine. I have to keep reminding myself that it's okay, this is a *hobby* and the whole point is to bring me joy. And I get to choose what I do when.

I know it seems like I'm a real prolific crafter, and I'm really really not. I can seriously go months and months without finishing anything!! Part of this is that I'm doing very small projects which are easy to finish, and part of it is that my kids are back in school and I've got a bit more time. And when my choice is between doing something fun and crafty or cleaning my house...well, you can probably guess what I choose. :)

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Dorothy said...

My resolution is to knit for me, knit at my pace, knitting what I want to, without feeling guilty. I'm enjoying my kniting a lot more.

I've done a couple of hats with flaps, and I've decided the knitted-on cast-on works a lot better than the backward loop method.