Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hopes and Dreams

I was incredibly blessed yesterday to be able to go visit a friend and her family, including her 10 day old new little guy. It's been a painful road, and it's wonderful that he's here!

These pictures confirmed some things for me - that I have a *lot* to learn about the art of photography; that I *love* taking pictures (well, I already knew that!) and that I want to pursue a more formal study. I could see what I wanted in my head, but learning how to get that image is something I'm going to need some assistance with. I have A Plan and I think it's doable. It's exciting, it feels like the beginning of a journey that I put off 20 years ago because of time, money and practicality.

The other interesting thing was holding this beautiful little baby. I know many people who are not baby people, they like kids when they get a little older. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for a baby. Holding and snuggling this little guy was just sublime, but I will say, there really wasn't any part of me thinking "Oh man, I wish I could do this again!" I'd love to have a life where I get to have contact with babies...and then give them back!


Dorothy said...

I admit, I can't hold a newborn without thinking, "I would love to do this again!" The feeling fades pretty quickly, since I really like sleep.

I hope your photography plan works out!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for having A Plan! I've been thinking lately of where I could benefit from some instruction instead of trying to learn every darn thing on my own. Sometimes it's hard for me to ask for help in that way.

I don't know what you were "trying" to take, but I love the photo of the baby hands!