Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And they're off!

The first round of hats was delivered today. For some reason that I haven't wholly figured out, it was important to me to deliver them in person, at least once. DS2 and I packed up and headed over. Getting there is a bit of a pain. We drove through Cambridge to the BU Bridge, around and over by BU, then down the Riverway. This was an error, as there was no left turn onto Longwood, but I managed to make my way back over. The Longwood Medical area is overwhelming! I can't even imagine the sheer numbers of post-BA education walking around there!

We found parking, though not in quite the correct lot. This lot had no pedestrian access to the street, so I had to walk down the ramp that we had just driven up. Normally this wouldn't bother me too much, but with DS2 in the stroller, it made me a tad nervous. We then walked down to Children's. The last time we were there was for DS2's hearing test, but the memories of his stay there kept coming up. The lobby was crowded, which I realized felt odd to me, as pretty much the only time I was there was to go from the NICU (7 North) to the crappy sleeping accommodations in a different building, that involved crossing the lobby at 2 in the morning. I only went to the sleeping room at night, and only for about 2-3 hour stretches, as I needed to be feeding DS2 every 3 hours. Fun times.

Anyway, we went up to the unit, and the Nurse Manager (C) came out. She was so pleasant and nice, and so very appreciative for the work I've done. She *loved* the hats, including the fun fur hat, which, while I loved it, I wasn't sure if it was appropriate or not, so that was reassuring. And she does want the dishcloths too, which is great, because I have a ton of variegated yarn to knit up and with at least two balls of it, I don't like how it knits up for the hats. I told her to let me know on the sizes, how these work, and what they might need more or less of.

One nice thing: when DS2 and I were in the elevator, there were two doctors with us. One said "Are those knitted hats?" (I had them in a ziplock and was just carrying them). I said yes. He said "Did you knit them yourself?" I said yes, I did. He said "Wow, that's so great!"

It's funny. I want them to be helpful and useful. When I knit, I try to think of projecting love and strength and hope onto them (yeah, I know, sort of weird, but I believe in intentions and energy). I've had a couple of times where things just haven't gone well, and I've put it away rather than knit in a crabby mood, since I don't want that energy on these little hats. It's nice to be appreciated, but honestly, I'm taking so much pleasure in the making of them, that it almost feels selfish. Like, I'm getting credit for doing a nice thing, but really, I'm just doing something that allows ME to not only have a great time, but feel like I'm doing a tiny bit of good as well. I'd be knitting either way, and it's MUCH more fun to knit, well, with a purpose.

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Yay! I'm glad they liked them.