Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Thinking about service.

There is a gentleman in my neighborhood who drives/rides a scooter. As I was pulling out today to go take the boys to play at a friend's house, I saw him go by. As he drove up onto the sidewalk, I saw the basket on the scooter come loose, and fall. I immediately stopped, got out, and gave him a hand.

I was feeling upset before that, about some silly LJ thing. I've been thinking about how scared I am of conflict, how much I nevereverever want to offend ANYONE, and even worse, hurt someone. I am sure I have hurt people, mainly through carelessness and alcohol abuse, but I try not to hurt people deliberately. I also try (I think) to see other people's perspective. Anyway, after I got back in my car, I thought "I think that was helpful for him, and it was really helpful for me." It put some things in perspective, that I was upset about something that I really didn't need to be upset about. Drama that I don't want, or need in my life. I can put this down. I am so blessed - I can walk, I have enough, so much more than enough, I have my family, my health, so many blessings. Why do I worry so much about what other people think?

I finished another hat today! This is quite possibly the cutest hat I've ever made. It's a watermelon hat, of my own design (inspired by a hat seen at the LYS, but not from their pattern). I am so excited at the thought of sending these hats along!


Momiji said...

I do understand your feelings because I react the same way and I tell myself the same things. Very often my reactions are a result of "I don't want this person/persons think bad of me because I am good". I am afraid to create conflict all the time. Sometimes, when I realize that my opinion might be harsh, I do not speak my mind even if I know that I am right. I can get upset by a mean blog comment even though the person that left the comment is a total stranger I will never meet. I always try telling myself that the most important thing is my family and my good friends. It's THEIR feelings and opinions that are important. However, it is hard to apply this philosophy all the time:)
P.S. Congratulations for the hat. I am sure it is lovely.

Knitting with a Purpose said...

Thank you so much for your comment! It is hard to live in my heart the things I know in my head!

The hat is so cute, I'll have to post pictures.