Monday, October 30, 2006

Here Goes!

I spoke with CT, the Nurse Manager at the NICU (who is so nice, at least on the phone!), and I'm taking the first batch in tomorrow! I'm nervous. I feel like it's my first time knitting for non-friends/family-members, and what if my work is lacking? What if I've totally screwed up the sizes? Made too many small hats? Not enough small hats? What if they hate them? I honestly don't think they will, but that's my fear.

But, here's what I'm taking them!

The Fruit Hats

The Acorn Hat
(This one was knit using Sugar'n Cream rather than the Tahki cotton, so it's a bit heavier, but I think it works.)

The Blueberry Hat
(This is the Tahki cotton, and the blue REALLY pops!)

The Pumpkin Hat (there's two of these)
(The Tahki cotton)

The Strawberry Hat

(I could also see doing the seeds in black.)

The Watermelon Hat
(This is my own design, and I quite like how it came out!)

The Other Hats

The Blue Fuzzy Hat
(This is an acrylic yarn that is SO super-soft, and HORRIBLE to work with! I kept dropping stitches and having to frog it and start over. Which is too bad, because the hat knits up in an hour or so.)

The Pink Fuzzy Hat

(Ditto on this one.)

The Sherbet Hat

The Purple Fun Fur Hat
(This is a microspun yarn with fun fur, my own design. Next time I'll do the fur a bit higher up.)


The DW Dishcloth

(I used this pattern.)


Barbara said...

OMG, these are wonderful. I can't imagine anyone being less than thrilled with them. I can just imagine them perched atop little newborn heads.

As a mom who had two tiny newborns in the NICU at the same time, I thank you. I loved all the stuff we were loaned or given (including knit hats), and I'm sure you'll make someone's day better. And a little person's life a little warmer (so very important for babies, but NICU residents in particular.)


Knitting with a Purpose said...

Thanks, Barbara! So many people I know (including us, though so briefly of course) had babies in the NICU. I just am hopeful I can do a little bit to help.