Saturday, February 10, 2007

No, seriously, I need help.

I bought MORE YARN today!!!
And, silly me, forgot to look at how much I needed (4 ounces) and bought half of that. I did have a project in mind, but I think I'll dedicate this to other things. It's the Fantasy Naturale in a couple of pretty, pastel colorways. Baby hats, baby hats!

Maybe I'll learn to cable.


Sarah J said...

I bought yarn both yesterday and today. And was just looking at yarn on ebay.

It's an illness. In my defense both my LYSes have their annual sales this weekend. But I don't think "my crack dealer offered me 40% off" counts in NA either.

Linda said...


It is so much fun! I'm working on the Irish Hiking Scarf & am loving it!