Thursday, February 08, 2007

Darn it.

I had a whole post that I wrote about this hierarchy thing in the world of knitting, and my thoughts about it, and it appears to have vanished. Ah well, probably not that interesting anyway. I do think essentially that people who have a need to feel superior to others have Issues and aren't really that relevant to me. Turns out that I'm a knitter, not a Knitter because (a) there are some projects that I knit with *gasp* the horror, acrylic, and (b) I have zero interest in doing lace. Ever.

But yay, that means I get to do what I want, however I enjoy doing it, without worrying about what people think of me!

Just chugging along on my projects. I got the body of the hat I'm doing almost done during our nursery school meeting last night, and I got some poncho done today. Not much, because then I reminded myself that my son is still barfing, and I can't wash this while it's still on needles.

My gorgeous Tahki Baby Colors scarf (in colorways 27) was a victim of the stomach flu today. I washed it with some dish detergent in the sink, and laid it out on the washer to dry. We'll see how it does. *sigh* We were actually in a yarn store when the incident occurred (I thought he was over it, otherwise I never would have taken him out, I'm not that sucky of a parent!), and thankfully we didn't hit any thing in the store, I bore the brunt of it. Poor boo. Hopefully he'll be better soon.

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Sarah said...

Right. I agree with you regarding the Knitter v. knitter stage. But I think people are pre-disposed to judge and be snobs of everything anyway. I run into it a LOT in cross-stitch communities where I do some of the same type of "bad" things, but for cross-stitching instead.

Whatever, if it makes them all happy!