Monday, November 15, 2010

Not the post I thought I'd be writing.

So, I've been knitting up a storm, and *loving* it. I offered to make a hat for a friend's mother. I've been knitting along, it's a fairly easy lace pattern and I've been enjoying it so much. I've been thinking about the whole Purpose part of knitting with a purpose, and feeling like service knitting done on my own time frame is something I just love.

There's just one, teeny tiny little problem. So, the hat has a two-part lace pattern. The body of the hat is worked over 6 stitches, the decreases over 12. When I cast on, I did the math wrong in my head and cast...I'm not even sure. They recommend 96 stitches, I thought that was going to be HUGE so I cast on 96-12 which in my head came out to be somewhere around 85. Which is so isn't. It must have been an even # because my 1x1 ribbing was fine, but when I finished the first round I was 3 stitches short. I blithely worked a couple of increases in there, figuring they wouldn't be noticeable. Except I was thinking in multiples of 6, not 12, so now I'm at the decreases and there's NO way to make this work because I am 6 stitches short. I had planned to send this out overnight tomorrow....I think I can still make that deadline, but I'm just aggravated with myself. I was even feeling so complacent about how easy I was finding the lace and thinking how that showed that some of my brain power has returned post-childbirth. HA!

So, now the question. I've been told the lady in question has a larger head. Do I got down a needle size or two, cast on the 96 stitches? Yeah, I think that's what I'll do....except of course I don't have the size 6 tips.

And, I just looked at the tips I have on, and I have knit the entire hat with one 8 and one 9.

Okay, this hat needs to be frogged and redone, that's all there is too it.

But, not tonight. I don't want any negative energy near it. :)


Dorothy said...

I'm sorry. That's terrible. But, kinda funny. I hope you get the hat done quickly!

Dakota said...

That's certainly no fun I hate it when I get what I think is a good start on something only to realize too late I've really screwed it up. Sometimes I think that happens just to keep me humble because it usually happens about the time I'm feeling pretty smug and like I've got it all together. Thanks for the post hope you get that hat done on time.