Thursday, November 12, 2009

365-15: Food for Thought

I am not the greatest cook out there. I can cook fairly competently, but unless I have time and space (two things in short order in a life with three kids), it's not something I particularly enjoy. Because of the oddly traditional structure of my life (odd because we are not particularly traditional people), I do most of our cooking, simply because I am the one home. It turns out cooking dinner every night isn't that interesting and it often feels like a chore to me. So tonight, rather than focus on how annoying it is that these people in my family want to eat EVERY NIGHT, I decided to remind myself of how incredibly lucky we are as a family, and how lucky I am as a mother. We have such bounty. We have more, so much more than enough to eat. We have clean drinking water whenever we want it for no effort. We have choices for what we eat. We have some food sensitivities that are easily managed with careful label reading. I don't have to choose between feeding my children and paying the mortgage or the electric bill. I would gladly and immediately give my children the food off my plate should that be required, but it's not. So tonight I am grateful for the wonderful food we have.

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