Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Joy of Knitting

Yesterday I ran into two ex-friends of mine. They have obviously remained close, while both rejecting me. This happened some time ago (coming up on a year), and while it's still painful, seeing them was actually helpful to make me remember that the action of friends is NOT to be mean, petty, and nasty in a high school of way. Therefore, these women are no friends of mine anymore. There is obviously much more to the story, but frankly, I'm bored with the emotions and ready to let it go (FINALLY!). It's related to knitting in that when I started knitting again 2.5 years ago, I got the two of them really excited about it as well, and we would talk knitting. One of them (the one I really considered a true friend, not just a mommy friend) actually gave me a "knitting kit" for Christmas one year, which I still use every single time I knit.

After running into them, I felt shaky and unsettled. I'm a very conflict-avoidant person, and even just seeing them (and refusing to be sucked into the "let's make nicey-nice" that they were doing) felt like confrontation. But then the universe, as it is wont to do, gave me a perspective moment: an encounter a small child, dying of cancer. This powerful reminder of what's really important is also helping me set aside the feelings related to my ex-friends. It's not that those feelings aren't real, or don't really matter, but rather, there's a lot more going on than that, and it's good to be reminded of that. It's good to get outside my head.

Today, my older son was at school for his long day, and my younger son (universe be praised) actually took a great nap. As soon as I could tell DS2 was actually going to go to sleep, I cast-on a NICU hat. I needed to do this today. I needed to reconnect to my better self, the part of me that delights in creating and takes solace in giving. The part of me that is healed by my willingness to be connected to others. I always try to knit the NICU hats in a spirit of joy and offering of strength, hope and compassion, but I felt truly...filled by it today. This is what came out of it:

Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic in Orange for the body, Sugar'n'Cream Brown for the stem, and Tahki Cotton Classic in green for the vines (crocheted with a size F hook, I think).
Needles: Addi Turbos, size 3
Pattern: my own creation (with some help on the vines)
New skills: none

I am thrilled with how this came out. I just think it's adorable, and I love the idea that some little baby in the NICU will have this to help in the fight!


Anonymous said...

That is so darned cute.


Knitting with a Purpose said...

Thanks! I was really happy with how it turned out!