Monday, March 23, 2009

Too tired to knit.

There has been a vast amount of barfing in our household over the last few days, including more laundry than is good for our septic and six hours in the ER to rehydrate the baby girl, and a current looming threat of hospitalization for said baby, should she not pee enough tonight, so my knitting has been pretty much abandoned for the moment. The logistics of cleaning barf off of a WIP are beyond me, so better not to risk it, right?

That being said, I did get in a lace repeat on Falling Leaves when barfing baby kept me from going to a baby shower, but the boys (DH and the little boys) went to a birthday party and the girl napped.

I somehow snagged a hole in the bottom of my heavy winter socks...I think these were the first socks I made, and they're so awesomely warm, semi-felted and just lovely. I don't think I ever blogged them, I think I finished them before I had this blog...I can probably darn them, but I'm bummed. They're so warm and lovely.

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