Saturday, March 07, 2009

Fo and Gague Issues

I haven't had the energy to take a picture but I finished the Riverbed socks!! I actually finished them on Thursday, but I haven't worn them yet, for shame! And I do need to take pictures...maybe tomorrow. I'm dead today. In the Riverbend sockitecture, the increases are all on the bottom of the foot. I think it makes a nice fitting sock, though there's a tiny bit of puckering around the ankle. I've actually read this as a common complaint for many of Cat Bordhi's sockitectures, which makes me ponder whether they'll be for me. The yarn is really nice, Regia Cotton Color, so pretty! I just did a basic stockinette stitch, simple enough. I will try and do pictures tomorrow, I promise! What's odd is that even though I've finished something, I'm not going to go cast anything else on, I'm just going to go work on some other WIPs.

And now, I'm working on a secret project that I can't blog about yet, but I am having gague frustration. I hit required gague in stockinette perfectly on my first try (yes, I know, *I* swatched! ME!!), and started the pattern. Well, my first round I messed up the pattern (forgetting to add in a P3, which, y0u know, makes a difference). Ripped out, started over. I can't remember what I screwed up the second time, but I did, ripped out, started over. Third time, I realized that I'd been misreading the lace pattern, like, seriously dyslexicly (is that even a word?) misreading. Sigh, rip, start over. Finally nailed the pattern, am sailing along's too big. As in, close to 20% too wide. This is a project where gague really matters. I ripped it, and started again, going down a needle size. Sadly, the only size 8 straights I appear to have are stumpy little bamboo 9-inchers, so they may not work and I may need to head out and get new needles tomorrow too. Just to get it measured, I'm going to have to get it off these needles.

I don't know, sometimes I think I'm a pretty decent knitter, and then sometimes I'm just stunned at my own ineptitude. :)

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