Sunday, March 15, 2009

Moving Along, Now.

Mainly for my own records because really, I think reading about someone else's knitting progress without pictures is just pretty boring. But it amuses me, so there you go. I am actually getting something done, though now that the weather seems finally to be cooperating a bit, that may stop. I did spend the afternoon outside running around with my kids, riding bikes, and playing catch and baseball with the neighbor kids. Suburban paradise, I think.

So, I got re-enchanted with the Double Gradient Noro Scarf. Honestly, I don't love the colors in this one (and I won't mention the fact that I caved on my yarn diet and bought some more pretty pretty NSG to make ANOTHER one of these, no, I won't mention that AT ALL) but it's so fun to knit and so interesting to see what the yarn does! So that's out of hibernation. I've got more of the super-secret project to do, with the gague issues that are making me crazy. I've got Falling Leaves still in process, and a couple of crochet things. I just remembered that Branching Out is still in process, and I started a big lace project. Lace? It's hard. Mainly I'm having trouble adjusting to the lace-weight yarn. I fear I've got ladders at my joins in my Magic Loop because I don't want to yank it too hard. I can't redo though, I had so much trouble getting started. I don't know, we'll see. But yeah, it's hard. Anything else? I'm going to a baby shower for one of my library knitting ladies next Saturday, so I've got to whip something up for that.

Maybe I'll take pictures of all my WIPs and post them. And then feel horrified at all the things I have in flight.

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