Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh the week that was.

So, after that ER visit, baby girl wasn't doing so well, so on Tuesday we were admitted to the big local hospital, where we ended up staying until 9:00 pm Friday night, to get her vomiting etc. and dehydration under control. Not a fun week. Not fun at all, seeing your baby on an IV. I had time between the doctor's visit that ended with "she needs to be admitted" and actually going to the hospital to pack a few things, so of course, I tossed in some knitting.

Did I toss in any one of my current projects? Nope. I started another sock. I am a bit worried that they're going to be a skosh too small - I got the leg of one done, and I'm in the midst of turning the heel. I'm doing another pair of Monkeys in KP Imagination, the Wicked Witch colorway. SO PRETTY.

Like I said, we got home Friday night, and the weekend has been spent recovering. The boys are up and down. Thankfully the baby is just so delighted to be out of that room that she's in a great mood.

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