Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So, as I was saying...

The purple sweater is done! I am so happy, mainly because I had just hit the wall with it, but also because I actually think it's cute and she'll wear it. Well, of course she'll wear it because I'm going to put her in it as much as possible until she grows out of it! Which will be soon. So, details.

I used Carole Baeryns' Seamless Yoked Sweater Pattern.

  • I used a heavier yarn (Bernat Cottontots as opposed to Bernat Softee) and larger needles (I *think* they were 6s).
  • I did a seed stitch coller/button band/hem/sleeve hem instead of garter stitch, because I like it better.
  • I did a slip stitch edge (slip the first stitch of every row) because I think it makes a neater looking edge.
  • I didn't do the slip stitch decorative rows...I'm now sort of wishing I had, because it's awfully plain, but whatever.
  • I did three button holes at the top, but not all the way down. I did do the YO buttonholes called for, though I really dislike them. The buttonhole isn't...stable, I guess would be a good word, they don't actually hold the button. There might be a way to stabilize it, I suppose. I also hate sewing on buttons. Next sweater is a pull-over. Also, these are really small buttons, and they may just not hold. I might swap them out, or I might just not care, we'll see. So, I did my buttonholes in Rows 3, 15 and 27.
  • I also did a bunch of futzing with the increases because of using a different weight yarn (I know, that whole swatching thing, what a great idea! Maybe next time...) I won't bore anyone with the details of what I did differently, since I really did sort of wing it. I think it came out okay. DD is sleeping so I can't put her in it to take pictures, that'll happen tomorrow (when this post actually goes up, of course).
Okay, this has been sitting up for a couple of days, so I'll just get it posted. I had DD in the sweater yesterday and while it's very cute, I'm not thrilled with how it fits her...it's bigger in the body and the arms are barely long enough. Perhaps my gorgeous girl has very long arms? Perhaps I knit an oddly shaped sweater? All things are possible when I pick up the yarn and needles. :) It is cute, she already urped all over it, so it's going through the wash which will be the true test. Oh, and the super cute little heart buttons are useless so I need to swap them out for something that works. Maybe a larger heart? I don't know. I have to look and see what I have, and figure out if I have the energy to take all three kids to the yarn store to find cute buttons or not. I also wish I had only done two buttons.

Pictures when the thing is out of the wash and DD isn't napping. Poor thing has a cold and thrush, so she's not all that happy. DH is out of town until next week, so I'm on my own. People do this and survive, right? RIGHT?

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