Monday, October 06, 2008

A moment to breathe.

DH is home from work and is entertaining the boys and holding DD, dinner is simmering (paneer and peas in TJ's Masala sauce over rice), and I've got one little moment to update.

We went to Northampton to hang out with some wonderful friends who moved out there this summer, and I was all psyched to go to Webs, but we went Sunday so it was CLOSED. Ah!!!

(Whoops, dinner got ready, now it's done, dishes are washed, DD is asleep, boys are about to go off for bath.)

So yeah, no Webs trip for me. So sad. Since I'm sure we'll back in NoHo to see these friends, I'll just plan to go on a Saturday.

In other news...what other news? DD's purple sweater is moving along - the body is done!!! I ripped back, added about 8 rows and then the ruffle and it should be long enough for her very long body. It's weird, she was pretty small for the first 3 months (was actually in 0-3s until past the 3 month mark), but has grown a ton and is almost out of her 3-6 stuff. Hence the need to finish this thing so I can move on to something else. I think part of my done-ness with this is that I don't love purling, and I extra don't love purling on circs. Because the body of the sweater is knit flat (it's a cardi), and is stockinette, well, you have purling. Now, it's not like I'm never going to knit stuff that has purling because how foolish would that be? :) But I do like to avoid it when I can. Now I'm onto the sleeves which are knit in the round, and they should go more quickly because her little arms aren't that long.

I'm obsessed with the lace and crocheting at the moment. I'm doing a crochet edging for a baby blanket for a friend of mine which is turning out pretty nicely, but I'm about to run out of thread. I got more, but I'm sure the dye lot isn't the same, so I hope it'll match closely enough. I was doing quite well on a doily until my teeny tiny hook disappeared. I made the mistake of leaving it on the coffee table in the living area which has turned into a play area because DD is so often sleeping up in the kids' room so they need to play *somewhere*. So, I have the little bit I've done, and the book but no hook.

So, plans for tonight include some knitting, some crocheting and perhaps a warm bath since we're deep into Fall now and it's chilly! Since I'll be up a lot in the night, I want to relax now. If I were smart, I'd just go to bed, but really, when am I ever that smart.

Someday, I promise, there will be pictures again.

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