Tuesday, October 07, 2008


It really is.

So, I finished sleeve #1 last night. I was panicking that I didn't have enough yarn (I've already divided the yarn into balls, one per sleeve), as it looked like it was going to be close. I did that thing where I don't unwind as much yarn as I usually do when knitting, as if that somehow will make the yarn go further or something! It doesn't. Anyway, I did have enough, I managed to make the sleeve the full 5" that I had measured, which was supposed to give me a sleeve long enough for her to have some room to grow. Well, I put the sweater on her today and the sleeve is BARELY long enough. ARRRGH!!!!! I have enough left that I can rip out the bind-off and the seed stitch cuff and add some, but DUDE, come ON. I am so over this sweater, I just want to have it done so she can WEAR it. I have no idea what to do.

Damnit, I'm going to pull it out and make it longer. She keeps growing on me, the minx, so she does need more room, I think. This sweater really isn't going to fit her for very long, is it? If I don't add a few more rows on this sleeve, it'll just annoy me when she's out of it that much more quickly. I have the yarn, I have the time, I'll just do it. *grump*

I'm chugging away on another project, details which must be kept secret for now.

The green stripey socks are calling my name, too. It's serious Autumn here now and my fun socks are making me happy.

The debate is tonight so I should be able to finish SOMETHING today. I can channel my anxiety about this election through crafting.

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