Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's really Fall now.

We had Back To School night for our first grader, our first experience of this. Our oldest was *wired*, which was sort of good, in that it gave his teacher a chance to see his more...energetic self, shall we say. It's weird weather, hot and muggy and rainy. Hopefully tomorrow will dry out a bit so we can have soccer practice.

I met a couple of women at my bookclub this month who are knitters! It almost got me inspired to pick up needles...almost. What is my problem? :) I have been sewing. I just put together 4 pairs of fleece socks for myself. I have another cut out for me, and 5 pairs for a friend's son, who wants fun socks. Then I've got requests from some other friends. I have another hat for my daughter, and I need to do some mittens for her as well. Lots of projects.

I want to get re-inspired with my knitting. I think I'm not in a sock mood, which is mainly what I have on needles - that and lace shawls. What would be a good reconnecting project??


Dorothy said...

A basic hat always brings back my knitting mojo.

Beth said...

Scarves are my go to. I do have sometimes have trouble finishing them but considering the projects you have completed (Swallowtail Shawl!) in spite of your hectic life a scarf shouldn't phase you at alL!