Tuesday, September 07, 2010

And a new year starts.

Like so many, especially those of us who spent a few extra years (okay, 8, but who's counting) in graduate school, the beginning of September really feels like the "new year." I know, it's still 2010, but it's a new school year! We start very late, tomorrow is the boys' first day of school. DS1 is *7* today, which I can't quite believe! How did this happen? 7 feels like a big one, like he's really making the transition from little kid to BIG kid. He's clearly had another cognitive leap of late, and having conversations with him is just markedly different than it was a few months ago. Because he's a September birthday, he's just starting 1st grade (our cut-off is Aug. 31), which is so good for him. I'm hopeful he'll have a good year. He loved Kindergarten and had a really successful year. I think (and hope!) 1st grade will be more challenging for him, and we're going to be working with the school to ensure that he gets the challenges he needs. DS2 is heading off to Kindergarten! This is just so bittersweet to me! He's my little love, he's such a snuggler and would happily be no more than a 1/2" away from me at all times if he had that option! I'm going to miss him. He'll be doing 2 full days and 3 half days, so he's not really gone quite yet, not the way DS1 will be.

We've had 24 hours of emotional highs and lows and highs again. We had a little party for Labor Day and invited 3 other families over. It was a *great* time, for me at least, and every one else seemed to have fun as well! There were 8 adult and 10 kids, ranging in age from 2 to 10. The kids all did great together, the adults all get along really well, it was fun. I feel like we turned a corner with DD this summer, now that she's 2. She's finally sleeping through the night, and she's so independent and social that I give her a tremendous amount of freedom. Freedom I sure wouldn't have given my oldest! I remember being with other moms when he was this age (of course, I had a 5 month old as well, which none of them did, which set me apart), and we all hovered so much! I've really changed as a mom, I'm much more relaxed. I'm still me, of course, which precludes actual relaxation, but I'm much better than I used to be!

The low happened when we didn't realize that the kids had left the slider out the basement open, and our escape artist cat got out and was just gone. We live right next to woods...with coyotes....that have been known to eat cats. I just panicked. DH is better at being in the moment and not presuffering too much, but I just freaked. Not simply because I love the little bugger and he's part of the family, but the kids *adore* him as well. And imagine, losing your lovely kitty on your birthday? I couldn't bear the thought of it. I was up most of the night, just out of my mind and sick with worry. He *did* turn up the morning. DH went out around 5:30 and found him under the porch, clearly freaked but fine. Thank you, to whatever benevolent power in the Universe heard my cries and guided him back to us.

So, today, I'm feeling utterly grateful that our sweet kitty came back. And I'm really really glad that school is starting tomorrow!

I've got some sewing projects on the brain. I'm going to do another round of fleece socks for my Internets, and I've got an idea for some fleece toys as well. So, after I get the boys on the bus, and DD and I go do her gymnastics, I think we'll hit Jo-Ann and see what they have in the way of fleece. I can't believe we're headed back into sock season!!!

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