Sunday, February 21, 2010

365-72: How is it almost March??

I'm pulling together all of our tax stuff, trying to get *something* done today, and just feeling bowled over at how quickly time goes by. This week flew! Of course, we were away for part of it, DH had jury duty on Thursday and ended up home early, and we had friends over on Friday, so it was a good week. We're still trying to figure out why DD is randomly spiking fevers of 103 (armpit). She woke up from her nap SOAKED so I'm hoping that means her fever broke and she's on the mend. She's been sleeping like CRAP and it's just, well, tiring.

I feel like I have so many thoughts going through my mind these days, and yet I can't quite articulate them. I'm moving through thoughts on career, going back to work (or not), struggling to finish something I started years ago (a certificate program, the certifying organization has basically fallen apart and I need to decided what, if anything, to do), faith, religion, family, parenting, community, life, blah blah blah. I think it's the hazard of being a philosophic psychologist, my brain doesn't turn off!!!

I have all the usual things I'm grateful for, but I'm also grateful for a funny moment with my daughter today. It's been gorgeous the last couple of days, and I'm *so*grateful we've been able to get outside. Well, my daughter today decided that she MUST wear her sunglasses. I took some cute pictures of her in her silly hat and pink sunglasses while listening to the boys running around with one of their friends, and had one of those "all's right in my world" moments.

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