Monday, February 15, 2010

365-70: Vacation, all I ever wanted...

It's school vacation week here in MA. I decided to be a kind and loving wife, so I packed up the kids and left DH at home while we traipsed off to visit my ILs. I am truly grateful for them, I won the in-law lottery, for sure!! They're so loving and welcoming. Today we went sledding and ate pie! Not at the same time, of course. That'd be a bit messy, don't you think?

Remember how I was grateful for the antibiotics? Turns out I'm less grateful for the cefprozil than I thought. So, approx. 10% of kids on amoxicillin get a rash. For most kids, it's harmless. It's a reaction, not an allergy. For some it is a true allergy, but it's really hard to tell the difference. We were told that DD's response was not an allergy by one doctor, but our Ped is treating it like it is. So, she got a Z-pack for her pneumonia and tolerated it fine. They prescribed cefprozil for this ear infection. It's given her wicked diarrhea and today she broke out in a rash. Approximately 20% of people who are allergic to the penicillin drugs are also allergic to this one. So, looks like it is a true allergy. Poor boo is running a fever again, so tomorrow we take her to urgent care and see what's going on in the ear.

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