Tuesday, January 26, 2010

365-63: A chance to serve

I am looking forward to tonight. We joined the Congregational Church a few months ago, and one of the things that I was intrigued by was their "Knitting For Others" group. Turns out it was disbanded...on our second week in the church, they had lay speakers and one woman spoke about how important and moving the KFO ministry was. She's an oncology nurse, and the group knits shawls for her patients. I spoke to someone after the service about how I was interested in this group. The woman said "Okay, enough people have said they're interested, we're going to revive the group. God sent me a message today." Now, I'm not sure about the whole God thing (thankfully the Congregationalists don't let that stop them from welcoming you into their community), but I do believe in the Universe as a power that draws us in the right direction. So, tonight's the first meeting, and though I know at 7:00 I won't want to go, I Am Going and I know it will be so worth it. I've already started my shawl!

I'm going to do La La's Simple Shawl (sorry, it's a Rav link). I am doing it in Lion Suede in a deep pink-burgundy color (the label is downstairs so I'm not sure which one - and off-topic, is Suede being dc'd?). While I've had issue with this yarn and dye-lot consistency, it's so soft and lovely (and machine washable). Yes, I know it's polyester but remember? I'm not a yarn snob. Yarn aficionado, yes, but snob, no.

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Dorothy said...

Knitting with others and for others is always a good thing. Have fun!