Monday, January 04, 2010

365-52: Letting Go

Letting go is very, very hard for me. I am loyal, which is good, but to a fault, which is not so good. I am loyal to people, places, jobs, things, cloths, stuff. I am also a gear-head. This can lead to things like...well, a lot of sock yarn and knitting needles, or a very large diaper bag collection, or a small but respectable baby carrier collection. Or too many strollers.

I'm struggling with letting go of things right now, which is sort of weird because I'm always feeling like I'm drowning in stuff and sometimes I want to throw it all away, but when it comes right down to it, well, I hold on. I think I need to challenge myself to move out of my comfort zone. The holding on can come from a place of fear...fear that there won't be *enough* or fear that I might need something and not have it. I have to remind myself that stuff is just stuff, and holding on to it isn't going to make me any safer, really. It's just going to make my house a mess.

Time to take a deep breath and leap. Time to let go. I'm grateful (sort of) for the opportunity to do so.

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Beth said...

I have a hard time Letting Go too.

In case you couldn't tell from my LJ. :)