Thursday, January 07, 2010

365-54: Life as a SAHM

That's Stay-At-Home-Mom for anyone who might not know. :)

There's a lot about being a SAHM that I love, there's definitely things I don't love. This morning has been one of the mornings I really do enjoy. I got my oldest on the bus with a minimum of drama and fuss. He's got some worries going on about grades (they really stepped up the academics in Kindergarten this year and I'm not sure it's for the best), so we went out a couple of minutes early and chatted. We don't have anywhere to be this morning, and we've been really busy, so I decided we're just going to hang here and do nothing today. I want to do some cleaning and work out, so I'll do that but it's going to be a mellow day, and sometimes we really need that. Typically I'm more of a get-out-and-go sort of mom. I'm pretty good at finding things to do, and very motivated to go out and do them. I used to have a friend who, on those tough days, would just hunker down and stay home. I'm just the opposite, we need to get out. But because we're doing so much (or so it feels!), it's nice to have a morning where we can just sort of putter around at home.

Time to go make some tea and play with the kids. :) So, right now I am grateful for the flexibility my life has given me, to stay home with my kids while they're little.

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Dorothy said...

I'm with you and the get and go. This whole week though, has pretty much been stay in and play. It's working well so far. Have fun!