Thursday, January 21, 2010

365-61: Freebie

Sometimes things happen and afterwards you realize "whoa, that could have been bad. *Really* bad." I call those the freebies that the universe gives us, maybe as a wakeup call to be more careful, pay more attention, not take things for granted. We had not one, but two of those. The first happened this morning. I took DS1 out to the bus, and when I came back in, found that DD had gotten into the probiotics and eaten, well, most of them. It was a new bottle. I got her to spit out the mouthful she had, but clearly she'd been snacking on them. I just am not used to a kid who gets into *everything*. I called Poison Control and they assured me that they are non-toxic (and before you ask, yes, all the medicines are locked up in a bin that she can't open, on the top shelf of a closet that she can't get to). Freebie #1. Freebie #2 happened this afternoon. I'd put her down for a nap. She'd protested a bit, but then gotten quiet and I thought she was asleep. Then we heard a tremendous crash from upstairs. I ran up, and found her basically under her brother's dresser. The drawers had opened and supported it, so she was not hurt, not a scratch. She was very scared, but calmed down immediately when we snuggled. I sat there and wept. It's a big dresser, and she's a very little girl. I have no idea how she even caused it to happen, I just can't figure it out. Tomorrow, DH will be anchoring the dressers to the wall. We haven't had a climber before, she's such a monkey, and we haven't had to do this sort of thing before. So, yeah. Freebie #2. Thank you to whatever guardian angel is watching over her (maybe she has an army of them? She could use it!). I am beyond grateful that she's okay.


Dorothy said...

If it makes you feel better, that's exactly why all the dressers in our house are now anchored to the wall.

Thank goodness for those guardian angels!

Beth said...

You're on your *third* and just now getting one who is in to EVERYTHING? Lucky you!

Knitting with a Purpose said...

Beth, I think it's that DS1 just didn't get into anything like this, and DS2 might have but I was just on top of him way more than I am with DD!! And she's the most into everything of the lot of them!