Monday, November 28, 2011

Pondering Change

When I have a minute, I'll take some pictures and post them of the blanket I finished for my friend's new baby!  YES! I finished something!!!  It's amazing.  :)

So, I'm embarking on an experiment, starting tonight.  I feel like the Universe and my gut (perhaps literally) are pushing me to try making some changes to my diet.  I don't want to.  I *really* don't want to, but I'm frustrated with where things are for me, and how I'm feeling, and that's pretty much what I have left to try.  Food is...tricky for me. I've been adamant for many years that my recovery from my eating disorder required me to be able to eat WHAT I WANTED WHEN I WANTED IT!  And, I don't think I was wrong.  Food was so - what's the right word - MORALIZED for me, it was either GOOD or BAD, and by extension, so was I, that I had to make it all good, make it all okay.  However, I'm starting to do a bunch of reading on different topics, and decided that I want to try eating a gluten-free, dairy-free diet for a bit to see if that would help.  I am *so* resistant to this.  I lovelovelove bread, and cheese? Well, cheese makes life worth living, right?  I love cheese.  BUT, I can't ignore the signs.  It's also something I feel like I can take charge of, right now, and what's the worst that could happen? I might not feel any differently than I do now, and I don't keep it up.  I'm committed to trying it for a month.  Yes, right before the holidays, isn't that so smart of me?! :)  I figure there's probably some detoxing involved, but I've done the Master Cleanse (twice), so I know I can handle that.

I'm following someone else's plan for now.  I really need (and love) structure, so I've found a site that will tell me every week - buy this, cook this, and eat it.  I figure if it works for me, after a few months, I'll have more confidence and more repitoire, and I can branch out.  I'd like to get my oldest on a GFCF diet as well, but I'm not sure I can fight the battle right now.

So, I've got the meal plan for the week, I've done the shopping, and I'm going to try!  Tonight's dinner: baked salmon with rosemary and pecans, and creamy swiss chard.  Sounds good, doesn't it??

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