Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Domestic Goddess...not so much.

When I was in college, approximately eleventy-billion years ago, I had this t-shirt with a very frazzled woman on it with the caption "Domestic Goddess."  All you had to do was visit my room to know that I was not, in fact, such a goddess.  My lack of domestic goddesshood extends to cooking.  I'm not a fabulous cook, I don't love to cook all that much, and I have historically been extremely picky about food, what with the whole disordered eating thing.  As I've gotten older, healthier, some might even say, recovered, that's gotten better.  But it's still a challenge, and now I'm feeding lots of other people.  

I've been in SUCH a rut with food.  Almost every night, except when we order pizza, I feel like "OH MAN!! DIDN'T THESE PEOPLE EAT YESTERDAY???"  To cook dinner every night for everyone is a chore.  So, with this new eating (DAY 1 today, yay!) persepctive on eating, all of a sudden, I'm feeling really reenergized about cooking new things, and trying new things.  My DH is happy as he's a much better cook and much more adeventurous eater than I, but due to life circumstances, he eats what I make for dinner.  I'm trying to view this as retraining my palate.  This plan on I'm on sends me a weekly menu (and shopping list, how helpful is that?!), and I'm excited for the different things.  I'm not doing it exactly - for example, today I forgot to defrost anything but I had a quarter ham from TJ's in the fridge, so I made Thursday's Butternut Squash with Garlic and Thyme tonight (SOOO GOOD), with ham, and whole wheat noodles for the rest of the family.  Tomorrow is going to be vegetable-turkey meatballs, and something else - maybe a big salad?  

I have *no* idea where I'm going with any of this.  It's not that I think I'm going to sustain a gluten-free/dairy-free life, but I'm committed to trying this for 30 days.  Yes, over Christmas, aren't I smart? :)  I'll just do the best I can. I figure by the time Christmas rolls around, I'll have been doing it long enough (almost 4 weeks) to get a sense of whether or not I'm feeling better, which will help propel me through visiting my in-laws after Christmas.

And in other news, I knit an inch on my sock.

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