Sunday, August 22, 2010

I actually started knitting today.

For some reason I'm just feeling so disconnected from the creative part of my soul, so I haven't been doing anything! I was on a big sewing kick, but it turns out the my daughter HATES dresses, so the cute little dresses I made forher are unworn. She's pretty funny about it, but very very adamant. It's a good thing she's darn cute, or I don't know what I'd do!

In other news, we took our big "vacation" which involved go to my home in VT for 6 days. Every time we go there, I leave thinking of how much I want to move back there. I do like our little town here, but honestly, the Boston 'burbs wasn't ever really my dream. We are so profoundly lucky to have a wonderful house in a town we really like, and it doesn't feel like a suburb much at all, it's really very rural. But still, if we had a way to make a living in my hometown, I'd take it. I'm less excited about living in a suburb of Burlington, for example, I think I'd take our town here over that. Anyway, it's all a dream. We had a great visit, and took the kids to the county fair, and the boys got to ride a bunch of rides this year! They had a *blast*, and so did the grown ups! Baby girl slept through a bunch of it. (I know, not a baby anymore, but still MY baby.) My oldest even rode a little roller coaster all by himself! I can't believe how big he's getting. Off to first grade, and turning SEVEN, in just a couple of weeks. We've got a school friend party planned for next week, and I think we may have a neighborhood party over Labor Day weekend as well.

Oh! Yes! Knitting! So, it was a lovely rainy day today, perfect for lounging around and doing not much of anything. I cast on and knit, oh, a good three rows of Monkey Sock #2. Perhaps I've actually get another pair of socks finished?? Part of me wants to ditch all my projects and just start something new, but more of me wants to FINISH some things so I can actually feel okay about starting something new. I think the responsible part of me may win this battle.

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